Monday, December 24, 2012

SCSM FTX AAR: 12/22/12

Saturday was spent in the desert with SCSM.  We covered several different training exercises including using shooting lanes, bounding movement with covering fire, unarmed defense against knife and gun attacks and unit movement formations.

There were roughly 25-30 in attendance including probably 8-10 first timers.

Shooting Lanes:
We began the day with shooting lanes.  Each shooter was paired with a buddy.  Each shooting lane included three targets with multiple letters/symbols on them.  We began by getting familiar with raising our rifle and clicking off the safety in one motion.  The instructor would call out a letter or symbol that was on one of the targets and that was the one we were to engage.  In a real world scenario, the call would be for 'window' or 'car' etc.  After getting the safety motion down, a target was called, we would bring up our rifle and put one round through the target, reengage the safety and lower our sights.

From there we added in movement.  There were four shooters, and we would be instructed to 'move' or engage a target.  The goal was to keep pace with the other shooters on the line as we moved forward.

This was a good exercise to learn how to engage and disengage both your safety and a called target, while moving.  This simple exercise could easily be done at home with either airsoft or without live rounds.

Advanced Course:
From here we moved to an advanced course where we were paired up.  Two pairs would move through the landscape bounding over each other utilizing covering fire.  The key here was not to move from your cover until the other team fired a shot.  This would make sure the enemies head was down before you stuck yours out there.

Unarmed Defense:
The next major instruction was in unarmed defense of both knife and gun attacks.  This was my favorite part of the day.  One thing that was taught that I had never done before, was throat punching.  Of course we went pretty easy on the punches, but I can tell you that even at that speed they can be pretty painful.

Another thing I learned here was how deadly a knife can be.  This is one area I would like to work on more.  We may not be allowed to carry a firearm everywhere we go, but a folding knife can go just about anywhere.

Other Exercises:
In addition to the above, we went over unit movement formations, hand signals, Constitution, and getting to know each other better.

At the end of the day, we all felt like we learned some valuable information.  The people in this group are of high quality, and I am getting to know some of them better.  One of the new guys there I first came in contact with through the III Congress blog, and it looks like we'll be seeing each other again next time around.

All in all, a great experience.  Coming up in January/February will be overnight snow exercises.  This will prove to be extremely valuable information for myself who rarely frequents the snow, and for those of you planning on moving to the American Redoubt.


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