Friday, December 21, 2012

Combating Typical Anti-Gun Arguments

I think it's time to bring this one back to life.  Thank you Scumfuck!

(Language Warning)

Today I'd like to address the issue of need. As in the constant whine of "Why do you NEED x? What are you going to use X for?" in regards to personal weaponry. This is a common question among Gun Owner Butts (as in "I'm a gun owner, but...") who wail and gnash their teeth because you don't use night vision scopes to hunt Bambi. Put quite simply, this question is some bullshit, and I've always got an answer. So here goes.

Q: "Why do you NEED high capacity magazines?"

A: "Because sometimes you have to kill a whole bunch of motherfuckers."

Q: "Why do you NEED armor piercing rounds?"

A: "Because sometimes you have to kill some motherfucker hiding on the other side of a wall."

Q: "Why do you NEED a fifty caliber sniper rifle?"

A: "Because sometimes you have to kill some motherfucker from a kilometer away."

Q: "Why do you need a night vision scope?"

A: "Because sometimes you have to kill some motherfuckers in the dark."

Bitches I can go on all day like this. Why do I NEED this shit? Well I dunno, genius, why were these items developed? Almost all of them had a purpose when they were developed. They designed AP to penetrate barricades. They designed night vision for killing motherfuckers in the dark. They developed standard ("high") capacity magazines to lessen the need to reload.


  1. Well those were pretty simple and easy to understand facts... I love the common sense of your post. Because these motherfuckers with badges and guns are violating their oaths and our trust everyday and wear body armor. Plain simple truths are the hardest to spin. Keep going love your Blog. Thanks. Oh and those cops who accosted you calling you constitutionalists in not moving timely to support and defend that document were in fact in violation of Title 18 USCA Section 2381 Capital Felony Treason look it up. You and your husband witnessed this charge them and demand to see the grand jury. Look up Carl Miller Constitutional Law on YouTube can teach you enough to go after these domestic terrorists and make them pay!


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