Monday, November 19, 2012

Kel-Tec SU16CA

Anybody have one?  What do you think?

Anybody selling one?  Shoot me an email.


The SU-16CA is a hybrid of the SU-16C and SU-16A rifles. It comes with the same 16-inch barrel with Chrome-lined bore and chamber and 1/2-28 threads as the C model. All features from the C model are retained and combined with the stock of the A model. The SU-16CA will come with 2 10 round magazines that store in the stock and all the same Parkerized parts as the C model. Like the A model, the SU-16CA can be folded for storage and it will not fire in the folded position. This allows for it to be purchased in most states that still have an "Assault Weapons Ban"


Calibers: .223 Rem 5.56mm
Weight unloaded: 4.7lbs. 2.1kg
Length: 35.9" 912.0mm
Length Folded: 24.9" 632.7mm
Barrel length: 16.0" 406.4mm
Magazine Capacity: 10 rounds, or M-16 compatible
Twist: 1:9" 1:228.6mm
Trigger Pull: 5lbs to 7lbs 22.2N to 31.1N
Sight Radius: 15.5" 393.7mm


  1. Most of the things I have heard have been good. 2 cautions though:

    -Make sure you take it out and shoot it. Keltec has a reputation for somewhat spotty QC, and the sooner you find a problem the sooner it gets fixed.

    -When shooting lots n lots of round in a hurry, usually over 100 rounds; sometimes plastic things melt.

    1. I've heard Kel-Tec has good customer service. Replacing parts for free on guns that have issues.

      Not sure how fast I could put 100 rounds down range, being limited to 10 round capacity per magazine.

      Thanks for the input BC

  2. I was comtemplating getting a Henry .22 survival rifle, but after seeing this and reading some reviews I believe this is on my wish list now.

    1. I believe the non-California version can shoot in the folded position as well.

  3. Looks a bit like a lego gun, but I'm thinking it'd be nice to have for a survival situation where it could be easily folded and strapped to a backpack or some such.

  4. I believe that they are hard to find and if you do find one very pricey, same with the new KelTec KSG shotgun hard to find and very pricey....


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