Friday, June 8, 2012

Free DoI & Constitution

From Hillsdale College
On July 4, Americans gather to celebrate our nation’s Independence at family gatherings, backyard barbecues, and firework displays. Often we do this without thinking of the meaning of this uniquely American holiday. For too long – from our classrooms to the halls of Congress - our Founders, the Declaration, and our Constitution have been forgotten or even willfully ignored.
But 2012 must be different. This year, join with Hillsdale College in a simple – yet powerful – symbol of support for the principles of liberty.
This 4th of July, Hillsdale College wants you to join with your friends, family, and neighbors - and actually read the Declaration of Independence. This can be the largest-ever public reading of the Declaration in American history! We want hundreds of thousands, even millions, of Americans setting aside a few minutes to remember the legacy of liberty our Founders entrusted to us.
Sign up now using the form on the right and let us know that you’re joining us. We’ll even send you a free copy of the Declaration and Constitution. Or, you can download a printable version after your register.
At this crossroads moment in American history, we need millions to join with us this July 4. So please share our “Read the Declaration” campaign with as many people as you can – by email, Facebook, and Twitter – and help spark a nationwide conversation in time for this year’s elections.

You may already have a copy of our Declaration of Independence & Constitution, but perhaps you know of another who would benefit from the words these States were founded upon.

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