Thursday, April 26, 2012

Counting Coup Challenge

I have decided to take up Kerodin's Challenge.

From Kerodin:
Counting Coup is the act of physically putting your hand on a mortal enemy and then withdrawing, without getting yourself killed.

It is a Warrior's practice.

I offer you this challenge: Consider your AO and give serious thought to ways you can Count Coup as a training exercise. What can you do to cross the threshold from training to low-risk action that will begin to close the gap between the theory and practice of Resistance. 

Think about it for a while, plan for it as you would an Op that has life and death potential. Start small and low-risk. Don't start by bitch-slapping a LEO as he eats a donut. Consider something along the lines of a III/Resist sticker on the car or office of a Democrat running for office.

Let your imagination work.


I'll be keeping my Patriot's Coup Stick on the right sidebar, adding feathers as I earn them.

Will you take up the challenge?


  1. I'm pleased to hear that you're counting coup. Could you share what you did? If not as a post, maybe as an email?

  2. I accept your challenge ;)
    Noted and posted.
    Miss Violet

  3. Robert,
    The actions taken Counting Coup will not be shared. They are personal milestones, not to be seen by Big Brother.

    Miss V.,
    Thanks for accepting the challenge!

  4. how did playing games work out for them red devils?

  5. Oh dear steiner, if you think they were games you have totally missed the point.
    Miss Violet

  6. I found the Indian coup stick as shown and rifle sans feathers through google. A little work with MS Paint and now I have a more appropriate coup stick :)

  7. Having served in combat I find ur post to be really stupid,at best.You people need to get a grip.

  8. Anon,
    Before you were in combat, did you not train? Did you not wargame? I doubt you showed up and day 1 they threw you into combat. That is what counting coup is all about. Training, preparing and honing your skills.

  9. It's even more about changing your mindset from reflexive obedience to and fear of authority. Make a trip in your car without putting on your seatbelt. Stop at a red light then, if no one is coming in any direction - drive on through. Do something illegal but harmless.The obedience conditioning is much stronger than most people realise. You have to start breaking it now or you won't be mentally prepared when it gets really serious.

  10. The USA has been in the throes of class warfare since its inception. Ignore the rhetoric and purposeful indoctrination designed to make you convinced that as things are is correct and proper the Founders purposefully created a federal government intended to be owned and operated by an elite class.

    One caveat; the Founders expected the elites to abide by a sense of honor that would extend the good beyond the small minority of elites. Over time, that honor was cast aside and the lust for evermore wealth and power took the reins of power within the USA.

    I wonder what will be the spark igniting the much-needed Revolutionary War Two?


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